Oscar Martínez Ciuró

Coordinator of the MakerConvent project, Barcelona.

Graduated in Social Education, Master in Multimedia Applications, and an expert in Digital Fabrication. Oscar moves at the intersection of social education, culture, and new technologies. Professor of Transmedia and Collaborative Economies, he has given talks and training on new technologies, social education, and culture in various Latin America and Spain cities. Oscar has coordinated the Specialization in Cultural Industries of the Master of Management of Cultural Institutions and Companies of the Barcelona University (UB), the Camon project – New Technologies Laboratory in Alicante, Murcia, and Madrid and the participatory project Ciudad Beta for CEESC.

He has been thinking and producing European projects in collaboration with various entities for more than 15 years, focused on research, prototyping, and developing new training models for education, cultural management, and digital fabrication. He is the coordinator of the MakerConvent project, a small reference in the field of edumaking.