Mariona Cíller

Mariona Ciller
Founder and director of STEAMConf Barcelona, president of the Ciència en Societat Foundation.

Cum laude from the University of Illinois with a double major in Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in the disciplines of Visual Communication and Art History. Subsequently, she holds a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Mass Media & Management Studies and Assistant Professor from the same university, where she taught free software tools and open culture classes.mHer thesis, the Free Culture Project, fuses the power of technology with the transforming potential of education, representing a turning point in her professional career towards territories of reinvention of learning by the hand of the most advanced technologies.

She holds a postgraduate degree in Design Research & Management Educational Evaluation and Research from the Instituto Superior de Educaçao y Ciencias de Lisboa (ISEC), and a diploma in digital fabrication and electronics from the Fab Academy (CBA-MIT). In 2015, she founded SokoTech, a digital social innovation laboratory in the frontiers of the arts, science, and technology, currently within the framework of the Ciència en Societat Foundation.