Techno-Scientific Culture

Lolo & Sosaku

They have been working as an artistic duo since 2004 under the name of Lolo & Sosaku. They investigate the possibilities of sculpture as an expanded field. The link that unites their works is the search for an object in contact with its environment and with the viewer. An object that seeks friction, friction, and tension. His work moves between different languages ​​such as sculpture, installation, kinetic art and painting. His modus operandi: to constitute himself as a subject, and from his machinic materiality, aim at transcendence, mysticism and the unknown. The work of Lolo & Sosaku has been exhibited and performed, among others, at: Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (2009); Museum of the Image and Sound, São Paulo (2010); Casa França Brasil Foundation, Rio de Janeiro (2011); Sonar, Barcelona (2012); Slaughterhouse, Madrid (2013); Gaspar Foundation, Barcelona (2016); Bien Urbain Festival, Besançon, France (2016); PSA Power Station of Art Museum, Shanghai (2016); Palace of Culture, Iasi, Romania (2017); MAVA Museum of Glass Art of Alcorcón, (2018); Or Art Center, Shanghai (2018); Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia, (2018); MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, ​​(2018).