Ioannis Miaoulis

President of Roger Williams University, was director and president of the Science Museum of Boston, Bristol, Rhode Island (USA).

Dean of the Tufts University School of Engineering, he became the director of the Science Museum in Boston in 2003, bringing bold ideas and forging partnerships that strengthened the Museum’s role as a world leader in STEM, both in classrooms across the country and all over the world.

Its goal is to introduce engineering both in museums and in PreK-12 classrooms as a central axis for scientific and technological literacy and innovation in the 21st century. Launched the National Center for Technology Literacy® (NCTL®), designed to integrate engineering into museums and schools through new content and curricula, and to bring together leaders from government, industry and education to promote STEM learning.

An active and committed leader who is widely recognized for his work in STEM education, Miaoulis has received numerous awards and honors.