Agueda Gras Velázquez

Director of the Science Program, European Schoolnet (EU) Brussels, (Belgium).

Agueda directs the Science Program within the framework of the European Schoolnet (network of Ministries of Education whose purpose is to transform education in Europe, placing special emphasis on the use of technologies in the classroom).
She was in charge of the coordination of the department of science, technology, engineering and mathematics projects in which European Schoolnet is involved.
The most important science project we are running at the moment is Scientix, the community for science education in Europe.
Scientix promotes and supports collaboration between teachers, educational researchers, policy makers and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics education professionals at a European level.

Before joining EUN in May 2008, she worked as a freelance eLearning professional, as a tutor, content designer, IT manager, administrator, project manager and international project consultant.
She is the co-author of several articles in the area of ​​science education research and has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Trinity College Dublin, which she did at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland.