Zoe Philpott

Is an award-winning experiential storyteller and tech entrepreneur, London, (UK).

Zoe specializes in creating story-driven experiences that move people, making complex ideas accessible and relevant to broad audiences. Create brand experiences for companies in collaboration with technologists and designers. She is the creator of Ada.Ada.Ada, a 60-minute show that condenses the extraordinary life and legacy of Ada Lovelace. A talented mathematician and physicist, in the mid-nineteenth century she wrote instructions for the first known computer program, which led her to be considered the first female programmer in history.

Zoe’s skill is in transforming ideas never done before into reality. He lit up 56 interactive Christmas trees outside the White House with Google, retold Darwin’s story with the Natural History Museum, made robots dance for Ford Motor Cars,…

Zoe has participated, among others, in Inspire Fest, TedX, 3A Institute, NBCUniversal, STEAMConf and Telefónica. As a trainer, she has worked with BBC Media, Intel Ireland, ASML, The Open Data Institute, University of Australia and MIT Scratch.